Recipe #22 | Bovini Cupcakes

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Recipe #22 | Bovini Cupcakes

Making The Bovini Cupcakes

There is no flour or sugar in these cupcakes just a bunch of meaty deliciousness that will have you jumping up and down with excitement!  The combination of the sweet potato and ground meat will comfort your soul and satisfy your hunger. I know this recipe will win over your heart and become a new favorite! This recipe will make 10 to 12 Cupcakes.


1 lb Ground Bison
1 lb Ground Beef
1 Yellow Onion
1 Egg
3 Garlic Cloves
Handful Fresh Basil
1/3 Cup Milled Flax Seed
1Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Tbsp Maple Syrup
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Large White Sweet Potato
10 Small Grape Tomatoes
Fresh Thyme
1 Tbsp Coconut Ghee



Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Smoked Paprika



1. Preheat Oven to 400F
2. Peel Sweet potato and cut into large cubes
3. Steam Sweet Potato until soft (about 20 minutes)

 While the Sweet Potato is Cooking…

4. Finely chop onion add to large mixing bowl
5. Use a Garlic Press to crush 3 garlic cloves
6. Finely Chop Handful of Fresh Basil
7. Add Ground Meat and Milled Flax
8. Add Egg, Maple Syrup, Olive Oil, and Apple Cider Vinegar
9. Add all the Seasonings
10. Combine Ingredients by hand
11. Divide meat evenly into muffin pan
12. Bake the meat for 10 minutes at 400F

While the Meat is cooking…

13. Mash the Sweet potato with 1 Tbsp Coconut Ghee and Sea Salt
14. Remove meat from oven (after 10 minutes is up)
15. Scoop mashed Sweet Potato on top of Meat
16. Place back into the oven for an additional 15 minutes
17. Remove all the Cupcakes and place on a plate
18. Decorate the Cupcakes with fresh Thyme and a grape tomato
19. Serve with your favorite mixed greens

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