Recipe #90 | Grilled Pineapple Mint Salad

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Recipe #90 | Grilled Pineapple Mint Salad

Making the Grilled Pineapple and Mint Salad

This salad is super refreshing and the perfect accompaniment to any grilled meat. If you allow this to marinate for a couple hours it will taste even more amazing. Pineapple has been referred to as a super-food because of its anti-inflammatory properties and it will give you a good dose of vitamin C.



1 Medium Whole Fresh Pineapple
Fresh Mint
1 Large English Cucumber
1 Lemon
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt
fresh Cracked Pepper


1. Clean and cut Pineapple into 1/4 inch rounds
2. Grill Pineapple at 400F until you have some nice caramelized grill marks
3. Remove from grill and cut into 1 inch pieces be sure to remove tough core from each piece
4. Place Grilled Pineapple pieces into a salad bowel
5. Cut cucumber in half then down the middle. remove the center seed and flesh. This will prevent the salad from retaining too much water and become watered down.
6. Cut cucumber into a similar size as the pineapple
7. Chop up fresh mint and add to salad
8. Squeeze in lemon drizzle olive oil and season with sea salt and black pepper
9. Serve immediately or allow to marinate. It tastes even more delicious the next day 🙂

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