Recipe #69 | Kohlrabi Kale And Cabbage Coleslaw

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Recipe #69 | Kohlrabi Kale And Cabbage Coleslaw

Making The Kohlrabi Kale And Cabbage Coleslaw

If you have not had Kohlrabi in your coleslaw yet you are in for a real treat! The texture and taste is the perfect combination with Cabbage and Kale. This Salad keeps very well in the fridge for a few days so it is the perfect thing to make and eat for snacks and lunches. Whenever possible buy fresh local and organic produce.



1/2 Green Cabbage
1/2 Red Cabbage
1/2 Large Kohlrabi or 4-5 Small Kohlrabi
Note: You basically want equal parts Cabbage and Kohlrabi
1 Bunch or Kale Chopped Finely
1 Bunch of Italian Flat Leaf Parsley



1/2 Cup Raw Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Raw Unpasteurized Honey (Clover Honey is my favorite)
1Tbsp Celery Seeds
2tsp Dried Oregano
Sea Salt
Black Pepper



1. Shred Kohlrabi and Cabbage and place in large mixing bowl
2. Finely Chop Kale and Fresh Italian Parsley
3. Combine all Vegetables in large bowl
4. Add all Seasonings
5. Mix Coleslaw together and serve, holds well for up to 4 days

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