Oregano… My mom stuck it in my ears

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Oregano… My mom stuck it in my ears

This is one herb I cannot live without! I grew up with oregano! My family is from a small village in Calabria Italy. In the summers my parents would take me to Italy for vacation and it was there that I got to experience Wild Mountain Oregano. The word oregano actually means “Mountain Joy” I remember my mom taking me out to the mountain side to pick fresh oregano then we would carry it back to the house and lay it out on the balcony in the sun and allow it to dry. We would then pack it into our suit cases and bring it home to Canada and have it to use until the next summer visit. Every time I smell oregano I remember my time in Italy with my mom.

Not only is oregano wonderfully aromatic, it adds a fresh flavorful taste to food. It also has some powerful health benefits. You will find oregano oil in health stores suggesting its antibacterial benefits.
My mom knew this about oregano too. When I was a child sometimes my ear piercing would get infected when I wore cheap jewelry. My mom would break off a piece of the oregano stem and stick it in my ear piercing. I would cry and cry… hating having this plant in my ear. I felt like a bastardized version of a Frankenstein monster with this wood sticking out of each ear rather than bolts in my neck. But sure enough, it would work and my ear infection would go away. Of course it only worked on the pain and infection… not the embarrassment I felt around the other kids. Poor me, right?!?

Some other health benefits include omega 3’s, and minerals such as Iron and Manganese, plus vitamins like Vitamin K.
I love cooking with oregano… You could say it is one of my “not so secret” secret ingredients. It is amazing on eggs and in salads you could use it in just about every dish! Oregano compliments tomatoes, ground meat especially beef and lamb. It is incredible with eggplant and roasted root vegetables.
This is a staple in my kitchen. I feel absolutely lost when I am out of Oregano. I still use Oregano that my mom picks and dries from southern Italy. I suggest you buy your oregano still on the stem and dried from your local Italian store. When using it in your dishes grind the dried leaves in your finger tips to release the aroma. If you have fresh oregano add it to near the end of the cooking process and use it generously!


Eat this With:

Salads, Beef, Poultry, Roasted Vegetables, Eggs I eat it with just about everything!

Eat this Because:

Anti-bacterial properties, vitamin k, iron and manganese, it tastes delicious!


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