Recipe #101 | Pan Grilled Chicken Breast

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Recipe #101 | Pan Grilled Chicken Breast

Making the Pan Grilled Chicken Breast

This recipe is quick and easy to make during the week when time is limited. A heavy cast iron grill pan is what I used in this recipe if you don’t have one you can simply fry in a regular frying pan.


2 Chicken Breasts
Coconut Oil


Garlic Powder
Dried Oregano
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Olive Oil


1.Lay down parchment paper over your cutting board. This will make it super easy to clean up
2. Cut chicken breast up into 4 to 5 pieces depending on size then use a meat tenderizer to pound the meat into an even thickness
3. Drizzle some olive oil onto the meat and season both sides of the meat
4. Transfer the seasoned meat to a mixing bowl and let stand
5. Heat up cast iron grill pan to medium to high heat with some coconut oil
6. Grill chicken for about 4 to 5 minutes per side depending on thickness.
7. Serve with your favorite side

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