Recipe #49 | Seared Cod And Mint Pesto

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Recipe #49 | Seared Cod And Mint Pesto

Making The Seared Cod And Mint Pesto

This recipe is quick, easy, and has an amazing refreshing taste. Enjoy it with your favorite green salad or vegetable side.


Mint Pesto Ingredients:
Handful Fresh Mint (If you have a scale about 1 oz)
Handful Fresh Italian Parsley
1/4 Cup Pine Nuts
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Juice from 1 Lemon
Pinch of Sea Salt and fresh Cracked Pepper

Seared Code Ingredients:
3- 4 Pieces Fresh Cod
Sea Salt
Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
Juice from a Lemon Wedge
Coconut Oil or Butter Ghee


1. Clean Mint and remove leaves from stem, place mint leaves in a food processor
2. Clean parsley and trim stems and add to food processor
3. Add Pine Nuts, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and Pinch of Sea Salt and Black Pepper
4. Mix all the ingredients with the Food Processor until finely chopped about 1 minute
5. Squeeze Lemon juice over raw fish and sprinkle with some salt and pepper
6. Heat up large pan with Coconut Oil or Butter Ghee
7. Sear both sides of fish for about 1 minute per side
8. Cover with lid and remove from heat
9. Allow fish to steam for another minute
10. Spread Mint Pesto on top of the Fish and Serve

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