Recipe #66 | Chantel’s Ceviche (Shrimp Ceviche)

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Recipe #66 | Chantel’s Ceviche (Shrimp Ceviche)

Making The Shrimp Ceviche

I made this recipe in honor of an amazing woman I know and so I named it after her too… only she prefers you hold the Bacon ;). Serve this Ceviche in a Belgium Endive Leaf or use a Mini Sweet Peppers, you could also just eat it straight up! A quick and easy recipe that is gourmet and delicious.


20 Oz Cooked Peeled Shrimp
3 Avocados
1 Cup Diced Tomatoes
1 Cup Diced Cucumber Seeds Removed
1 Cup Diced Red Onion
1 Cup Diced Yellow Pepper
1/2 Cup Chopped Italian Parsley
1/2 Cup Chopped Cilantro
2 Serrano Chile Peppers
1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice (2 Lemons)
1/2 Cup Fresh Lime Juice (4 Limes)
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Belgium Endive to Serve the Ceviche or Mini Sweet Peppers (Halved)
Crispy Bacon Chopped



Sea Salt
Fresh Cracked Pepper
Fenugreek (haha… lately I have been putting this in everything)
Aloha Fish Seasoning (or any combination of favorite Seasonings or hot sauce)



1. Chop all Ingredients and Place into a Large Bowl
2. Remove any Skin and Tail from the Shrimp and Dice Shrimp
3. Add all the Ingredients and combine together
4. Allow Ceviche to Marinate. Since the Shrimp is already cooked you can serve immediately however all the flavors will come together if you give it some time 😉
5. Serve the Ceviche in the Leaves of the Belgium Endive or Mini Sweet pepper

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